and it's Monday

and it's Monday



It's hard to think that here we are

2020 quite bizarre so far

Mercury retrograde plagued us first

And til March 10th our lips were pursed

And now our life without a choice

Has led us here without a voice

But we do have much control

Of how long this walk we all stroll

Doing our part for all mankind

No drama intended just bear in mind

If you go to a store and there’s a swarm

Step outside to avoid the harm

Do what’s right for you and yours

Stay home for now and do some chores

The grimy bathroom could use attention

Try not to think of it as detention

Everyone’s dresser could use some love

Socks unpaired in the drawer we shove

Things ill-fitting tattered, torn

When was the last time that dress was worn?

Lighten your closet things out of date

Make some room it’s time to aerate

With all you do you’ll feel surprised

A productive day has been surmised

So hang in folks as I’m trying to

Thanks for letting me write this rhyme for you